Guide on Travel Bank on JetBlue?

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JetBlue Travel Bank account is offered to the customer who is flying on JetBlue travel flights. JetBlue Travel Bank account keeps the value of canceled flight at least for one year, customer can use Travel bank credits for making a certain purchase, including JetBlue vacation package, which can be availed while booking a flight for a vacation through the JetBlue Travel Bank.

The JetBlue Travel Bank, in an online account that allows customers to view or manage their travel credit, or also can use or manage them in the future against the Flights booking and select fees.

JetBlue Travel Bank offers service, to customers in regards to the expiration and fees of the canceled flight tickets. JetBlue Airways provide an online bank account to their customer’s name as Travel Bank. A Travel Bank account is prepared when a travel credit is provided to its customers. It allows you to manage your travel credits, whenever you travel on JetBlue Travel Bank.

If the customer is having travel credits, can visit the JetBlue Travel Bank system to manage or view their current balance, transaction, and credit expiry date.

How to Book Flight tickets by using JetBlue Travel Bank Credits

Once you have used your JetBlue Travel accounts, then using available credit in the bank is much easier. Here are the below steps, to flow, while booking flights tickets using JetBlue Travel bank credits

Guide on JetBlue Travel Bank Account, Fees, and Expiration

  • Login to the JetBlue website and sign in to your Travel Bank Account or TrueBlue account before you book flight tickets
  • Search for a suitable flight and enter passenger’s information in the required fields
  • Select the “Travel bank” option. The option is located on the top of the credit entry. Then, it will ask you to sign in, in case if you are not a TrueBlue member for the same.
  • Next, you will get an option to use your credit, as much as you need
  • Next, click on to “Apply Travel Bank Credits” option to apply a credit to your purchase

Hence, this is how you can book flight tickets by using JetBlue Travel Credit. It is a very simple process, once you are used to it.

How to Access my Travel Bank on JetBlue Airlines?

After the flight cancellation, you are free to choose a flight with a Travel fund to access the travel bank or fund. If you are looking that how to access JetBlue Travel Bank Credit, you must remember your login-in Id and password and must know the passenger’s information.

Initially, need to go to the travel bank option, which is above the credit card entry area, and then can use the Travel Bank on JetBlue Airlines will an easy. It is the priority to save money and time, so Travel Bank is the best option, which provides cheap flight booking service at any point in time.

How to Transfer JetBlue Credits to someone else

Customers cannot transfer JetBlue travel credit to others. However, you can purchase tickets for your dear ones like parents, children, friends, relatives and many more. You need to login into the Booking Process, by using a travel card which is allowed to be done by the same person, who has been issued the JetBlue Credit.

What you cannot buy with Travel Credits

JetBlue Travel credits are not allowed to pay for any of the following

Change and cancellation fees for a reservation booked with TrueBlue Points

  • Same-Day Change Fees
  •  Even More Speed
  • Ancillary Fees
  • Baggage Fees
  • Pets Fees
  • Even More space seats
  • Unaccompanied minor fees
  • In-flights fees
  • Partner airline Flights
  • Shop Blue Merchandise

How much time does it take for JetBlue to refund to Travel Bank?

If you want to keep travel Bank for a long period, you must be aware of its duration that takes to refund to the JetBlue Travel Bank. JetBlue Airlines generally provide credit card refund, cash, within 20days based on customer request. Sometimes, it could take more time to reflect the money in your bank account.

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