How to get a refund for your canceled flights?

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Canceling a flight with a refund can be a nightmare especially if you did not read the cancellation policy of the airline before booking a flight ticket. Though you don’t want to cancel your flight in the first place, sometimes there is an unavoidable situation from your side which compels you to cancel the flight. Sometimes the airline also has to cancel the flight for reasons such as bad weather etc. Now you should know how to get a refund for your canceled flights. So, here are the quick tips for you to get a refund.

  • Always read the cancellation policy and its details before booking your flight.
  • Make the booking payment through secure methods such as net banking, credit card, etc.
  • Contact the airline in case of a cancellation of the flight for a refund. If you booked through a travel agent ask him for a refund.
  • Always book directly from the airlines instead of third-party portals.
  • Contact your bank for a refund in case you used it’s debit/credit card or net banking.
  • Always purchase travel insurance.
  • Try to fly on one airline regularly. This makes things easy between you and the airline.

Now you may have some clarity as to how to get a refund for your canceled flights. Talking airlines in the US, you should note that the US does not have federal laws for the airline passenger’s rights. So, you need to know the airline’s policy to be clear about the refunds. In general, if your flight is canceled in the US, you will be offered a seat on your airline’s next flight available to the place you are flying to or you will be given a refund for the unused portion of your flight ticket.

Be informed about the refund policy of the airline you are flying on. This will help you claim a refund in case your flight gets canceled by the airline for a variety of reasons. If you book through a travel agent then ask them for the policy and read it carefully. Get in touch with them immediately after your flight gets canceled for a refund.

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